Eco Club AAV Kitchner Road

Eco club in a school plays an important role in creating environmental awareness among the future generation. The Eco-club will help develop necessary skills in the school Children that would help them identify and solve prevalent environmental problems.

It will also bring them closure to nature. Nowadays Eco Club has become an integral part of the school and its primary aim is to generate environmental consciousness among school children. We at AAV Kitchner Road have planted 200 Snake Plants in our school and the uniqueness of the particular plant is that it is one of the very few plants that can convert Carbon Di Oxide into oxygen at night as well. They are known for their ability to absorb toxic air pollutants,cancer-causing pollutants.

It can also be an effective defense against air-born allergies. We have also talked to our students about some effective ways management techniques and the ill effects of single-use plastics.

Students have been encouraged to spread this message amongst their peers and family members. Students at the Eco Club have developed a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

These students in the coming future will be the leaders of the nation. Acquainting them with the best practices today will bear fruits in the future. At the Eco Club, we aspire for a cleaner and greener future by empowering today’s young minds.

In this session, the school has taken many strides in the field of Horticulture. Never before, so many plants have been planted in the pots and open areas.

Students have decorated the rooms with mosquito-free bottles containing, money-plants, Syngonium, etc. The school has also planted sansevieria in more than 100 pots. At least 100 sansevieria have been planted in different locations. The school has also arranged a number of Aprajita, MadhUMalti, and Champa plants. All this has been done by the Eco club and no help has been taken from the Horticulture Department.